I issue a challenge to all members and current chat moderators!Edit

The first 2 members to hit 200 points on the Leader board will get ADMIN for their efforts. Points must be based on CONTRIBUTIONS, not a million blog posts & talk posts. So upload content seen on the Content Needed page and help the wiki grow. The challenge also means those who hit 200 points, keep going, we need the activity and I will even look at prizes for those who go for 1000 points and beyond.


2 new admins have been added, now I extend the competition to the next 3 to 200 get chat moderator.


To Currently Listed ModeratorsEdit

Those currently listed as moderators have one week to get their profiles filled out or they'll be removed, I need active people to make this wiki work. Current Staff and a couple other random ones haven't been listed yet.


Congrats to Littlemissbrittany888 for being the first to win the challenge! Who is going to be next? :)

Congrats to SkySplitz as our second winner.